Functional Surfaces

Modern laboratories and production sites

Research & Development

Powder coating systems of Rembrandtin Powder Coating open up completely new perspectives for functional coatings of the future. Depending on the application, a modern coating can be resistant to chemicals, anti-bacterial, conductive, thin-layered, non-slip, textured, metallic, or pearlescent. The number of variations is almost endless.

In-house development engineers create system solutions with properties tailored specifically to customer demands. In our in-house R&D laboratories, these solutions are optimised in close cooperation with the customer and tested to perform perfectly in practice.


The requirements regarding the quality of powder coatings are constantly rising and production standards have to rise correspondingly. Therefore, continuous investments in production machinery and the equipment of in-house test laboratories are a prerequisite for Rembrandtin Powder Coating to ensure a reliable and constant outstanding quality. The company produces 4,000 tons of powder coatings per year in many special shades and with specific mechanical and optical properties.

Regarding environment protection, the company follows its sister company Rembrandtin Lack which is renowned among the chemical industry for its commitment to Responsible Care and environment protection and has received various national and international awards in this field. The success of these efforts and the experience gained are transferred to Rembrandtin Powder Coating.