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Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

…Rembrandtin Powder Coating celebrated its tenth anniversary at the new location in Buchholz-Mendt.

Helios powder coating segment has as many colors as the rainbow, from the diversity of our employees, the countries we are represented in, the range of our powder coating products to the diversity of our customers and suppliers, we constantly reach out to keep the rainbow shining. And that means growth!

Photo: The new administration building in Buchholz-Mendt

Red is the color of a decade

As the red part of this rainbow Rembrandtin Powder Coating is leading the way this year. 2017 represents a milestone in the history of Rembrandtin Powder Coating GmbH. Not only is this the year of the tenth anniversary of the company since the acquisition of the former IRIS GmbH 2007, it is also the year of the strategic move to a bigger facility, situated in the heart of west Germany.

Strong team – strong tailwind – full speed ahead!

“Get settled, keep on moving”, is the answer if anybody askes about changes in Rembrandtin Powder Coating. The move of the company from Eitorf to Buchholz-Mendt to a facility twice the size of the former one is a key step in the European growth strategy. “It was not always easy, we fought hard and we succeeded and today I am proud and overjoyed to introduce our new facility in Buchholz-Mendt as a result of the commitment and hard work of our team and all the people that supported us over the last ten years”, said managing director Bastian Krauss, who has accompanied Rembrandtin Powder Coating on its journey from the very first day. Mr. Krauss continued “We are gaining capacity which will facilitate additional growth and more flexibility for our customers. This will strengthen our market position and will help us meet the continuously increasing customer demands over the long term”. Scheduled to start full production until the end of the year, construction work is expected to be finished by Q2 2018.

Those who work hard deserve to celebrate

Photo: Managing director Bastian Krauss (left) and Hubert Culik, CEO Kansai Helios Coatings GmbH

The opening of the new facility was combined with a long-awaited ten years anniversary celebration on September 15th. The whole RPC team was happy and excited to host the event in one of the production halls, which was equipped in an industrial style and furnished for the 160 guests who took part in the event. While a live band was entertaining, our guests were spoilt for choice between several offers from food trucks, that where guarding the hungry in front of the hall entrance, and joining our guides for a tour through the facility. Fortunately, there was time to do both. „There are two things that made this day possible and hold the key for future business success. First, we are a young company with strong roots, and second, we have the best team. It is wonderful to see how business relations can turn into trust and even friendship. With this strong support, we can face difficult market challenges and enhance our potential for new opportunities to come”, emphasized Doris Fußwinkel, Director Internal Sales Dep.

Among the guests were the company’s most important customers, suppliers, local politicians and colleagues that substantially supported Rembrandtin Powder Coating to build up its potential to what it is today. A special honor was to welcome five of Helios’ new associates from Kansai Paint Japan. With the new owner of the Helios Coatings Group, Kansai Paint, we have enriched the color spectrum of our rainbow so that the powder coating segment is now reaching an overall global sales record on group level. We now find ourselves in the best conditions to keep the rainbow shining.

New strategic owner of Helios Group: Rembrandtin is growing its’ importance in the European coatings industry

After the constructive negotiation process Helios Group got a new strategic owner, one of the world’s top 10 paint manufacturers, Kansai Paint Group. Pursuant to the SPA that was signed on December 6, Kansai Paint will acquire 100% of shares in Helios Coatings Group. The transaction is expected to be complete in March 2017. Signed SPA presents a milestone for a new development of Helios Group’s companies as Helios will become the European center of Kansai Paint.

With the purchase of Helios Group, Kansai Paint intends to increase presence across the Europe and to consolidate the position as the premier coating company, also with Helios brands under its umbrella. Being under the wing of strategic owner Kansai Paint, presents various new opportunities to Helios. It will become the Kansai Paint’s European centre of innovation, R&D, production and distribution. Kansai will also support Helios to build a strong position in global procurement.

After the signing, David Kubala, one of the two CEO’s of Helios Group stated:

“I am glad and proud to say that we have a new strategic shareholder Kansai Paint who is one of the top 10 companies in worlds coating industry.”

Hubert Culik the CEO of Helios Group at this point stressed:

“Helios new strategic owner has a strong commitment to R&D and a long history of innovation in coating industry. Helios will now become a part of this efficient, wide-ranging research and development activities for new technologies and products adapted to market needs.”


From left to right: David Kubala, CEO of Helios Group, Hiroshi Ishino, President of Kansai Paint and Hubert Culik, CEO of Helios Group. // Photo: Srdjan Zivulovic/Bobo

After the SPA signing in Vienna, Mr. Hiroshi Ishino, the president of Kansai Paint along with two other representatives of Kansai, visited the headquarters of Helios Group in Slovenia, where they had the opportunity to address Slovene employees and journalists. Additionally they also met with the Minister of Economic Development and Technology Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek. Together with the Helios Group management board they discussed the future development opportunities of Helios in Slovenia and in Europe.

On his visit in Slovenia the president of Kansai Paint, Hiroshi Ishino stressed:

“We are glad that we have found a company like Helios, with a compliant business philosophy and a great potential to become even more important in the European coating business. We want to develop Helios to be a strong European center of innovation, with the best knowledge and expertise in different segments of coatings”,

In Helios Group we believe that the top league in coating industry will bring us new drive and a development platform for the thing we all have in common – a passion for smart coatings.


Representatives of Helios Group and Kansai Paint together with the Slovene Minister of Economic Development and Technology Mr. Zdravko Počivalšek.


Rembrandtin Lack presents:


Review: Paint Expo 2016


“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success” (Henry Ford). Teamwork was the central theme for us on the biggest Paint Expo, which has ever been organized. As an international fair with more than 10.500 visitors and 480 exhibitors from 27 countries, the Paint Expo in Karlsruhe is the most important and comprehensive platform for industrial coatings and paint technology in Europe.

The joint appearance of Ecopolifix, Rembrandtin Powder Coating, Helios TBLUS, Helios Srbija and Rembrandtin Lack was a great success, moving the Helios Group in the light of the star-studded exhibition spectrum. For four days our sales managers joined forces to present their skills in the field of powder and liquid coatings and withstand the rush of more than 100 visitors per day, which has been thanked with consistent positive feedback and new contacts.

In addition to our dedicated exhibition team we also received support from the multiple table football world champion Lilly Andres, who has drawn about 400 opponents and stunned her audience with brilliant and fair play but left their opponents almost no chance for scoring. It was a pleasure to watch!

We are looking forward to 2018!


RIH signs purchase agreement for the majority share in Helios

Following constructive negotiations, a group of shareholders of Helios Domžale d.d. (“Helios”) and pledgees in Helios’ shares (together, the “Sellers”) and Ring International Holding coatings, agreed on the terms and conditions of a share purchase agreement (“SPA”) pursuant to which RIH is to acquire 73.12% of the shares in Helios. Completion of the share transfer is still subject to certain conditions customary for this type of transaction, including merger control clearance.

Once the share transfer contemplated by the SPA is completed, RIH will – in accordance with applicable Slovenian law – publish the takeover intention and subsequently a mandatory takeover offer to the remaining minority shareholders of Helios.

Link to the press release.

Ecopolifix | 160 new colors for the industry

It’s getting colorful at Ecopolifix. The Italian producer of powder coatings, with two production sites in Riese and Tezze, has now expanded its range of products by as many as 160 smooth matt trend colors for outdoor application. A fantastic choice of premium coatings specifically for architectural purposes. The Qualicoat approved polyester powder coatings also feature extremely good leveling and a very stable and homogeneous gloss level formation.

With its expanded color program, Ecopolifix offers a virtually unique variety available anytime at short notice.

Paint Expo 2014

Visit us at the Paint Expo 2014 and challenge Lilly Andres, World Champion in table football!

From April 8th to 11th 2014, Karlsruhe Germany, Hall 2, Booth 2428.

There are many reasons for a visit at the Paint Expo 2014 from April 8th to 11th 2014. We want to be one of them and have – for this reason – prepared some highlights for you, which are meant to give you fresh inputs for your business.

We will present concentrated coatings competence, gladly inform you in detail about our new products and colors and have invited the world champion in table football, Lilly Andres – especially for our trade fair guests. She will be ready to be challenged by you to a duel and everyone who defeats her, and we will raffle off one iPad Air among all players.

Get your free admission ticket here:
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We are looking forward to welcome you!