Solutions for the ceramics industry

The advantages are obvious


Rembrandtin Powder Coating offers a number of advantages specifically for customers from the ceramics industry:

  • very high laboratory capacities and thus an extremely fast creation of new colours
  • excellent know-how in hot and cold coatings
  • comprehensive range of special effects
  • short production times also for small quantities
  • creative and inventive product developments
  • intensive personal service

The optimum finish does not only affect properties such as durability, resistance and haptics of a product, it also contributes in a decisive way to the general impression and thus to the buying decision. Choose from countless options to enhance your ceramic products.


Simple and classy at the same time

  • Perfect processing
    Excellent levelling, resistant against overstoving and therefore suited for hot coating applications
  • Economical and efficient
    Very good hiding power also at low film thicknesses
  • Excellent results
    High scratch resistance, all common colour shades, individually developed colours

The secret lies in the formulation

  • A gloss level so high that it is close to a that of a glazing
  • Excellent levelling and extremely high scratch resistance
  • Excellent outgassing characteristics
  • Very good hiding power also at low film thicknesses

Always good for a special surprise

  • Application effects
    Effects achieved through different application methods
  • Technical effects
    Different textures, flip effects and many more
  • Enhancing effects
    Wood appearance, liquid effect
  • Colour shades
    Colour shade creations made for special occasions